Saturday, May 2

MMORPG skills trainer

A friend of mine has recently asked me to create a small "Homer's woodpecker"-like project that would press keys on the keyboard at regular intervals.

Here is what you need:
1) A keyboard PS/2 or USB from which you will extract the electronic bits
On this website you can find a bit more on how the keyboard works. Here, and here too. Really easy.

2) A microcontroller (although if you are slightly better then I you could do with a lot less). I have chosen the mythical PIC 16F84A.

3) An analog switch e.g. 4066

I guess you should be able to work out the connections yourself. If I have time I'll upload a schematic.

Below you can find the code I have used. Note the crystal I have used is a 32.768 KHz, the same used for watches (more than enough for this woodpecker). The compiler is the MikroC from Mikroelktronika.

Some links of people that made this thing the "professional" way:

Hope this helps ;)

The code can be found here